I believe our imagination is the gateway to the miraculous. The study of the arts nourishes our ability to better communicate and describe the unimaginable.

Through my personal studies, I would like to do just that, and share with you the unimaginable.

As an artist, my passion lies in storytelling. It's a theme that is woven into the fabric of my art.

When I was creating the matte painting for "Blackwater Castle", my imagination was running wild as to what creatures may be lurking below the surface of the stygian waters. And, who or what was waiting for me in the highest tower.

It's quite a joy to let my imagination linger on these mysteries, and as to how the story may unfold. It is these inner concepts and ideas that led me to start writing.

If your interested in reading my high fantasy novel, visit and follow the link down the rabbit hole.

As for my artistic background, it began with studying the traditional arts throughout my high school and college years. This helped set a strong foundation to build upon.

Soon after, I moved into the digital arts world with my main focus on mastering Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. This opened the door for a career in retouching photos and creating video content for all types of media.

Still chasing the Holy Grail of digital art I finally stumbled into 3D CGI when I discovered Zbrush, a digital sculpting tool.

Zbrush allowed me to get back to my roots in a ever growing digital world. It set forth a path in 3D where my imagination can now run amok which I'd like to share with you through my writing and art.