Skull Creature

General / 07 September 2018

It all started with the nasal bone...  

I told myself, just focus on the nasal bone and add as much detail in as possible.  By the time I was done sculpting, I had a very cool looking nasal bone at around 7 million poly's.  The beginning of the skull creature.

I continued this process working my way around the skull. Some pieces have subdivision levels and others are just High dynamesh pieces. 

Okay quantum computers don't exist yet, gotta make things more computer/pipeline friendly. I don't think zbrush or my computer would like me very much if I made each tooth 7 million poly's. 

This next stage took a couple tries, but basically what I did was merge all the pieces together, then created a retopologized mesh out of it. Then used project to bring back the details. 

Here is a quick render out of keyshot of the head with more details added.  I thought it might be cool to give him a unique horn type thing, still playing around with it.

Just finished working out the concept for the neck and torso area. I approached it in the same manner as the skull, one piece at a time.